Daedlus -can it hold ETH

Can Daedlus hold ONLY Cardano (ADA) or can it hold Etheriun (ETH).


Only cardano ADA

Thank you for your prompt. I appreciate that enormously.

Aghhhhhhh - My reaction that Daedlus can ONLY hold ADA.

Anyone have a suggestion to hold Binance and Etherium together?

Perhaps Trust Wallet?

To be honest, I would never keep my money with an exchange. I would use a trusted hardware wallet.

Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD) both have an ERC20 version. You can keep those together in any Ethereum wallet, like MetaMask.

Otherwise you can use Trezor model T and keep all your ETH and BNB wallets together next to your ADA wallet so you can see ADA crushing them all in real time :wink:

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I do have a trezor (old) hardware. I will use that. Thx.

I am sure if we take a vote, Charles will see to it that both Bitcoin and Ethereum will be added to Daedalus Wallet.

That’s an awesome idea. After a most of us down on simply ADA. I’ve been most of us have a little of something else.

Can one of the ambassadors relayed this concept to Charles?

I hope not! I don’t want anything written in Solidity touching any of my savings. :fearful:

That is limited thinking, why would you need Ethereum Smart contracts in the Daedalus wallet…

There are only 2 types of accounts on Etherum network. user accounts and contracts. To be able to access Eth from outside of the network you need a contract (such as a wallet).

To be used a contract has to be able to compile down to EVM bytecode. The only available / supported compilers for EVM are for Solidity, Go, Low-Level Lisp and Serpant (and maybe 1 or 2 more). …and they stopped future support for Go and Lisp. So unless you want to write a compiler just for a wallet app it’s probably going to be Solidity.

Also, Cardano has already developed ERC20 converter to bring any usable tokens to Cardano from Ethereum for the sole reason to make them use Ada for fees. What’s the point in bringing Eth as well if you already built a bridge so ERC20 can escape Eth.

Elaine has some Ethereum as well as bitcoin.

I’d rather have them in my wallet than
sitting in the Binance account.

Do you have any idea how we would put that to a vote?