DApp for skateboarders would bring a lot of users to Cardano

Hey, coder here. A real platform for the skateboarding community does not yet exist on any Blockchain. Coming from a guy with connections in the skateboarding world there is a huge untapped market here for companies to reward amateur skaters for their footage and photos. If a platform is built on cardano soon this could be a huge win in the blockchain race. There’s no way I can do this by myself though and that is why I am here.


Bump. I will write a solid white paper if enough people express interest in my venture. Have known how to program by myself for about 10 years now, but Haskell and smart contracts are a bit new to me. However, I believe I can manage and direct a team of devs if they already have experience with Haskell and DApp development. Btw I am 26 and have powerful connections in the skateboarding industry too. Have been skating for about 20 years. Lots of potential in this niche.

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I think the skateboarding community could create a CNFT project. I am sure that you can collect interesting material that you can transform to a CNFT project with the assistance of designer and a Cardano blockchain developer.

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Looking to create an all inclusive platform that will enable big names or companies to decentralize sponsorships, and distribute gear, and/or rewards to amatuer riders with solid footage. Should support footage and photo sharing. And obviously would have it’s own token.

We just need something better than Instagram nowadays that gives skateboarding tangible value.

I’ll even learn Haskell if anyone else wants to work on this with me.

Edit: I have skated with pros before and have been to Bam Margera’s private gated off skatepark a few times. Skate with a few big Instagram names regularly. Used to live like a mile or two away from Bam’s house. My best friend grew up with one his best friends. Not like I know Bam personally or anything like that because he likes his privacy but I know a few guys through local shops, etc. that could actually get this app out there.

Btw I am a sponsored amatuer skater on a team located around Delaware with connections in Texas.

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My old forum account “Hack_Guru” was actually lost after being compromised recently. I isolated the malware sample immediately on my smartphone. However, I was unable to save my account without risking a stolen identity. If anyone wants to talk more about this decentralized app idea I will be communicating from this account instead. Thanks in advance.