Deadalus mobile wallet

Deadalus mobile wallet for iOS and Android that would be in sync with the desktop wallet. Maybe an option?

what do you mean? there are already a couple of mobile wallets for ADA.

I think it would be a niche usecase. Setting up a connection to Daedalus is too hard for the average person. This arrangement isn’t really more secure than Yoroi, but it’s more decentralized, as it wouldn’t depend on centralized servers.

Yoroi has Native mobile apps for iOS and Android on its roadmap for Q4 2018.

I think instead of developing yet another light wallet, it would make more sense for Yoroi to eventually have a “custom server” setting, where you can specify your own Yoroi server.


Wholeheartedly agree, I would go as far as making public pool operators responsible for decentralizing Yoroi.

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Here is a Comparison of Ada wallets and exchanges which includes mobile wallets on Android and iOS.