What is difference between Daedalus and Yoroi wallet?

I don’t know what is difference between Daedalus and Yoroi wallet If Yoroi wallet more secure, simple, convenier than Daedalus and it can make a stake pool too. So… why we need Daedalus?

I believe Yoroi is for browsers, think Metamask for Ethereum. It will allow web integration, so for example a webpage will have a “Pay With ADA” button, like webpages have “Pay With PayPal” button. Daedalus is a stand alone wallet, it does not have web integration.

They should both be secure. I can’t imagine a wallet being simpler or more convenient than Daedalus - have you used it? It’s super simple, right?

If there was only one wallet developer, the system would be centralized, even if the network was decentralized. Wallets are a required part of a digital currency system (even if they are not part of the network). I would hope that eventually there are multiple independent wallet developers, and node developers for that matter.


Yoroi and Icarus avoid the whole blocks download by relying on trusted servers. So, ti’s a convenient and secure way to create a light wallet. But they depends on trusted third party.


Here is how I see this.

Daedalus is a blockchain interface runs in your device, with full ledger. It functions directly with the blockchain network, ie. sending transactions to others, validating transactions in the blockchain (in your device), or voting for stake pools (in the future).

As for Yoroi, it interact with a web server, or you may call it a middleman, who tells you what the blockchain looks like and how much money you have in there for example. And the server tells the blockchain network what you want to do.

Comment: It’s convenient in almost all the cases. But is not as safe and private IMO. And if all the people use light wallet or web wallet like Yoroi, the network turns out to be centralized.


It seems clearly, tks for all your support

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I have the same question. Are Daedalus and Yoroi like bank account and daily wallet?

Consider checking out or FAQ also :wink:



The account is always on the blockchain regardless of which wallet you use. The closest analogy I think of for Daedelus is the ATM for fiat money.

Yoroi and all future Icarus derivatives are like the mobile app.

Both let you operate the same account.


I got it. Daedalus is like bitcoin ATM. Thank you!

Daedalus is a full node for desktop. This means that you need to download and install Daedalus. Once you run Daedalus, you need to download the entire blockchain to verify the transactions. This is good in the way that you get more privacy.

Yoroi is a light wallet for Chrome. So you can install it and use with the Chrome browser (as long as that version of Chrome allows extensions). It’s different than Metamask, because it’s not thought to interact with dApps. The light wallet concept means that you don‘t need to download the entire blockchain. So you can open the wallet and in seconds review if you have received ADA or make a transaction. Yoroi is pretty worry about privacy so it doesn’t even have analytics.


Will Yoroi be determnistic ?

Yes. From the FAQ:

… Yoroi is desktop, light, hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet for Ada (cryptocurrency), running as a Chrome extension.

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Since alot of unbanked people dont have laptops either, Daedalus wallet is a barrier to entry and Yoroi should allow many more people to bypass the Daedalus wallet and use the new lightweight wallet on a smartphone…they also shouldn’t have to download the entire blockchain either which has taken awhile for some people to do. Version1.3 improved 300% download time and memory use by alot…I think 90%?

Daedalus is like your bank account/safe and Yoroi is like your ATM/checking account

Why does Yoroi use a different address format?
Why are the addresses shorter?

it’s the new address format for Cardano. Daedalus will eventually move to it too.


Is this a step in the direction of ‘human friendly addresses’ or just a restructuring?

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Here is a comparison of more Ada wallets:

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Not human friendly - that is something separate on the roadmap - something that I have not heard mention for a while, I think the action was against Duncan Coutts (?). Has anyone heard anything about this?

Daedalus is an older wallet, it is not a hierarchical deterministic wallet (bip44 compliant https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0044.mediawiki).

HD wallets specify a derivation path that compliant wallets conform to. Although this started as a BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) it is becoming standard across the space, bip44 allows one wallet to contain multiple coins (BTC, ADA, ETH, etc), within which there are multiple accounts, under which addresses are generated.

Anyway, basically bip44 tells you where to expect things, older style does not, so the older addresses have the indexes saved into them, that is why they look different. I would expect in time for Daedalus (and all wallets in the space, for ADA and other cryptos) to become HD wallets, as this is a superior standard.