What is difference between Daedalus and Yoroi wallet?

It’s just restructuring. Now the way that addresses are generated are BIP44 compliant (like HisMajesty said).

For the ‘human friendly addresses’. I haven’t seen any news related to that but I would think that is something similar to ENS from Ethereum, but at the protocol level.


Human friendly addresses according to the roadmap are the new address scheme that Yoroi has, not some kind of a magic blockchain DNS-like system.

The goal of this work is to have addresses that are much closer in length to those of Bitcoin. This will be done by minimising the information represented in the addresses and improving the way that stake delegation information is represented.

I started a comparison of Daedalus, Yoroi and many more Ada wallets.
See: https://cardanowiki.info/wiki/Comparison_of_Ada_wallets_and_exchanges