Problem Yoroi and Daedalus

Hello, I have a Daedalus wallet on my phone with some ADA and I would like this wallet to be on my smartphone too. So I downloaded Yoroi Wallet but when I enter the recovery sentence of my wallet Daedalus, Yoroi tells me that the sentence is too short. Why ?

@Nicolas_Amsellem WARNING - There is NO Daedalus for phones. That is most likely a VIRUS!!!

Do not put Ada in it and delete Daedalus from your phone immediately.

Unless you mis-spoke. You need to clarify.

But to answer your Yoroi question, the Yoroi wallet uses 15 words and the Daedalus wallet uses 12 words. I do not see any feature where you can put a Deadalus wallet into a mobile version of Yoroi yet.

excuse me for my bad English, I’m French. I thought it was possible to integrate a Daedalus wallet in Yoroi. Thank you

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Bonjour Nicolas,

Je te conseille de discuter en direct de tout ça avec la communauté FR de Cardano sur Telegram :

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@Nicolas_Amsellem You can put Deadalus wallet into Yoroi. Just not Daedalus on a phone.

Here is the video to show you how:

Hi Nicolas, yes is possible to integrate Daedalus in Yoroi, but this is for the desktop version and may not yet be available for the mobile version.
There is a scam with a mobile Daedalus (yet non-existent officially) and Rick is warning you about it.

DO NOT PUT ADA in the mobile Daedalus please!

alright it’s noted. thank you