Deleted Yoroi wallet

I need help because all my ADA funds gone

In fact, Yoroi wallet was connected to my Trezor wallet. i had some troubles to validate some transactions (to unstake all my ADA ) i decided to delete yoroi chrome extension i used and re install a new one
I don’t remember using seed phrase but I was connecting directly with my Trezor T wallet to see mu funds
but with the new installed extension, the balance is 0
Is there any way to recover my funds with the new YOROI extension I have installed?
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It is totally correct that you do not receive and do not put in a seed phrase. The hardware wallet replaces the seed phrase completely.

Can you see your transactions or is it a completely wrong wallet?

Did you use the passphrase functionality of Trezor in the past or do you use it now?

Have you reset your Trezor, since you last did a successful transaction?

connect the trezor on and check the balance and the transactions history… if nothing shows then try to deactivate the passphrase from trezor settings and connect again the trezor on … do u see the funds now?

… or just use an empty passphrase …

You are right… like always :beers:

If you enter an empty passphrase (no passphrase at all), the device will proceed exactly as if the passphrase feature had not been activated at all, and generate

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There has been a thread regarding someone losing ADA using these extensions:
It is possible when you reinstalled this Yoroi extension you have been a victim of this as well.