Deleting wallet

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Can somebody tell me what happens if you delete the wallet? Does it delete ADA or just closes the wallet?

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Pretty much erases your wallet’s info… You will need the 12 word phrase to recover it. It can also take a while to restore it so be cautious.

Make sure to know your 12 word phrase before deleting it…

Hi, I have installed the wallet and created the wallet, also recorded the restore words. I exist the wallet, then entered again, it doesn’t ask me the password, this could be unsafe, what if someone else enter my computer and transfer my fund? shouldn’t the wallet ask for password each time?

if the computer is broken, and the wallet is installed, have to try to recover wallet, right?

Good and clear info thanks mate.

you work in cardona wallet?

your work on wallet?

@hongbing That’s why there is an option to creating a withdrawal password… If you do so, you have to enter the password every time to withdraw otherwise it won’t let you. So your ADAs are secure for as long as no one knows your 12 word phrase and the password you set up (enabled) for withdrawing funds.

@livurlifenow Np at all, glad I could help :slight_smile:

PS: Tried deleting my wallet yesterday as an experiment. Took a while to restore it but in the end, I had all my coins safe inside my wallet with no issues…

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@Wobster if my installed computer is broken, I suppose that I can login my previous wallet account from another device which has installed the new wallet? thanks a lot for all your help, much appreciated.

@hongbingYou should be able too yes. As long as you have your 12 word recovery phrase, you should be able to access your wallet on any PC. GL!