Didn't receive ADA after sending it in the Live event last night

Hi there… hoping someone can help me out. Sent 8,000 ADA to cardano for the live event ADA giveaway 2/3. Never had it returned to my wallet. I’m using Exodus wallet. Did I mess up? I reached out to ADA and to Exodus. Any guidance for this? Sorry if this is an amateur issue.

Thanks in advance—

Transaction Hash: 5f36a0ffd9ae6472ac71625564fa8d68d2032cccf5bc60d15859fab941f8383a

Block : 5296707

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Those events are scams. So your ada is lost.

The only thing you can do is report that case to your local police and hope for the best.

Im sorry for you.


This is so sad and also infuriating :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So sorry for anyone who falls for these parasites scams

When are YTube (and any other platforms that allow these videos to be broadcast) going to get a grip and pull down these ‘promotional’ scam videos

I seem to be spending more and more time now clicking and reporting : scam/fraud/uninvited commercial content and yet YTube are soooooo slow to remove them.
It’s just not good enough, people are getting hurt.

Agree with Fabian above, report to your local police and request a crime number and ‘suggest’ to the Police that they take this seriously and to make an official complaint to YTube that they are allowing this to happen on their platform.

Hopefully this will encourage YTube to take further steps to prevent stuff like this
This is a Multi billion dollar company making huge profits, they have a responsibility to be better.

If anyone posts/comments something random about Covid they have warnings below the video where people can ‘fact check’ why can’t they have a warning under these videos ???

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