Didn't recive ADA sent from Binance to Yoroi Shelly wallet

The original wallet was made on Yoroi

Then if u restore the yoroi using the right 15 seed words u should see the address used on binance… if not this should be an issue

I see 64 transactions for the above address, did u made them?

I got scammed! I googled the adress and found a post also on this forum from some guy that got scammed transfering funds to that same adress.

I didn’t notice it as of now. Tried to copy the receiving adress from Yoroi and pasting in adress bar just to see that it changes to that adress:


Apparently it is caused by malware in my PC that changes adress when you paste it.

Beware of this and always double, triple check the adress you are sending the funds to!!!

Thank you all for trying to help me. But I can’t do anything now.

Also can this adress be banned or deleted or something? That this doesn`t happen in the future.

@Mitke Sorry to hear that you experienced this issue. :pensive:

It seems that you’re using Windows as your operating system and you don’t have a hardware wallet. Have you considered using a hardware wallet or installing Linux on a separate disk or disk partition and then boot from it every time that you want to run Daedalus or Binance (both Daedalus and Binance have a Linux app)?

In case you do have Linux experience, I recommend Qubes OS: it separates its processes in different virtual machines, thus making it quite safer than an ordinary or “popular” Linux distro. If you’re a Linux newbie, XUbuntu is a lightweight, easy to use and easy to install solution that may be an excelent starting point for you.

If you don’t want to use Linux, and considering that you’ve been transactioning good amounts of ADA, it’s strongly advised that you buy a good hardware wallet to manipulate your ADA in a safer manner. The Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X (but not the Ledger Live) hardware wallets support Cardano, and some of the (more expensive and not necessarily better) Trezor T hardware wallet also supports Cardano. These resources (Linux and/or a hardwallet) reduce the likelihood of a scam affecting you again in the future.

IOHK has a nice article about how to integrate a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet with Daedalus.

Even though Daedalus is much slower, if you decide to adopt Linux then Daedalus is the recommended wallet to use, because it’s not browser-integrated as e.g. Adalite (browser integration makes you more exposed to malware and scams).

Once you have Daedalus on Linux and restore your wallets there, you can follow these instructions in order to create the equivalent QR Codes that you can then read with Yoroi, in order to add such Daedalus wallets as Yoroi’s read-only (watch-only) wallets. By doing so, you can use Yoroi in your e.g. smartphone in order to monitor your ADA balance in your wallets, but Yoroi won’t be allowed to send funds out of such watch-only wallets, thus “forcing” you to reboot your computer from Windows, boot Linux and run Daedalus in such safer environment (where you’re advised not to use your Linux device for anything more than Daedalus, i.e. don’t browse the web nor anything for that matter. If you want to browse the web with Linux, install Tor Browser). If you’re going to use Binance, download Binance’s (safer) Linux browser available at Binance’s download page.


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Thanks for this, @Alexd1985. Good to know. :clap:t2::nerd_face:

I don’t have uaparser nor npm installed and don’t use web browsers as a frontend to access my crypto wallets (well, except for Binance, but in such case I don’t keep currencies there and I preset there a whitelist of valid addresses + 2FA, in order to prevent fraud: I can only send crypto to whitelisted addresses added with the aid of other authentication devices and resources), but it’s good to know that this hack occurred. I keep telling some of my friends to avoid browser extensions like e.g. Metamask and Ronin and, if possible, avoid all web browsers. This is one of the reasons why I still prefer Daedalus, no matter how slow it is. :grin:

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