Different reward from the same stake pool for different wallets

I delegated 3 wallets to the same pool, but I’m receiving different amount of reward for each wallet:

  1. wallet: 521.04 Lovelaces per 1 delegated ADA
  2. wallet: 522.24 Lovelaces per 1 delegated ADA
  3. wallet: 518.26 Lovelaces per 1 delegated ADA

That’s 0.76% difference between highest and lowest reward. Adding/removing 1 lovelace from the daily reward moves reward per delegated ADA just by 1/100 Lovelace for the lowest delegation (~100 ADA). Also the delegated amount does not correlate to the reward per ADA. Do you have explanation for such difference?

I asked similar question and received useful answers

My situation is different. I have the same pool for all three delegations.

Did you put them all at the same pool at the same epoch? If you did then should all good.
Did you send receive ada in the same epoch?

Not sure yet how rewards are affected by balance changes, maybe they alter rewards for next block calculation
If so then different reward per ADA is common.

Did the 3 wallets start with a 0 balance of earned rewards?
And had either wallet been delegated to a pool before you started this?

No, it’s a diff from previous epoch.
2 out of 3 were delegated to a different pool before.

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So you had already earned rewards in those wallets?

Yes, I waited until all of three wallets will be in the same pool. I’ll post today’s numbers shortly.

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I believe your rewards are automatically set to delegate with the wallet so they are compounding see this link Is staking compounded? :slightly_smiling_face: which makes it very difficult to calculate,unless someone can correct me if I am wrong with one wallet being a new delegate you could use that one to determine how much your 2 others have earned from 1 ADA delegated and how much your rewards have earned.


You are right! If I include existing reward in the staked amount, max difference is just 0.03%, which can be attributed to some rounding errors.


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