Same Pool, yet different return percentages?

I’m delegating to the same Pool from two separate wallets. The reward percentage is vastly different for each wallet. The wallet with the most ADA is making substantially less than the wallet with a smaller amount of ADA.


(While staking to the same Pool)

Wallet A (More ADA) —> 0.0552%
Wallet B (Less ADA) —> 0.0903%

Does anyone know why this occurs?

Is this for the same epoch?

Yes (same epoch). Comparing data from Daedalus download so it’s not my error in tabulation.

I’d say, it’s impossible because the delegator reward is dependent on active stake for the given stake address only. Perhaps you’d like to convince me/others otherwise by showing evidence of that on


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“Impossible” ?

I reconcile my balances to the 6th decimal place each Epoch. I’m telling you, this is happening.


If it’s too upsetting to you both:

I think you’d want to show this as cardano-db-sync query or the relevant stake addresses on We need to get the blockchain perspective on things, not that of an excel sheet that may or may not be in sync with blockchain state. You can of course do this in a PM. To file a bug report we would need to have that information anyway.

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Have you changed delegation of any wallet in the last three epochs? I think we need your wallet addresses to see what happened.

Epoch 277

Wallet A (More ADA) —> 0.0912%
Wallet B (Less ADA) —> 0.0913%

Same story. Not as drastic.

Re: “Have you changed delegation of any wallet in the last three epochs?”

Epoch 273