PoolTool/AdaPools delegation discrepancy

Hi All,

I happened to notice what appears to be a discrepancy of the delegation information presented by PoolTool and Adapools.

From memory, I changed my delegation to 1PCT8 during Epoch 215, so I believe this change should have taken effect during Epoch 217. However, Adapools (see bottom screenshot) seems to show that I was delegating to 1PCT8 in 215 and 216. Anyone else notice such discrepancies?



Im pretty sure that the first screenshot shows you from which pool you received the rewards and the secon screenshot shows you to which pool you delegated at the epochs. If you delegated to an other pool at epoch 215, you will receive rewards from that pool at the end of epoch 218 :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. If the developers of PoolTool/AdaPool are reading, firstly, big thanks for your contribution to Cardano! :heart_eyes: Secondly, perhaps these pages need a bit more on-screen info to explain what the table means, as both pages seem to be presenting the same info, but with different meaning. Might save a novice like myself from getting confused. :slight_smile: