Have 6 wallets with ten thousand ADA each or have one wallet with sixty thousand ADA?

What would be better, having 6 wallets staked at the same stake pool with ten thousand ADA each or having one wallet with sixty thousand ADA?

If you are delegating to the same pool, there won’t be much change.
Rewards would be the same.

If you wish to have flexibility to delegate to several pools, right now you need several wallets, one for each pool, but soon we will be able to delegate to n pools from the same wallet.

What made you come up with this question?


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'till yesterday I had six wallets staking in six different stake-pools but now I changed it to have six different wallets staked to the same stake-pool, so I was wonder?
Thanks for your help

By delegating to 6 different pools, you make sure you get rewards even if 1 or more pool under-perform.
If you delegate to 1 pool only, you might get some bad epochs / low reward.

That said, within a few weeks/month, there will be a new option : pool of stake pools and stake pools playlist --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Ucaf8clbg


Need to run expected values for this, but what’s unpredictable is the behavior of the delegates. You just could assume the same number of delegates are delegated to each side, and see what your expected values are, but that’s an artificial result, because those expected values don’t take brand loyalty or “large number of pools presence” effect into consideration. Just the appearance of many pools with similar names even with low pledge might incentivize the average delegate to pledge to those pools because they keep showing up in the list of pool - sort of conquer subsconciously through large numbers. There are lots of variables to take into consideration, a number of which cannot not be accurately determined because they depend on behaviors for which we don’t have concise metrics.

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Sorry, I see you’re asking the question from the point of view of a delegator. I was answering the question from the point of view of an SPO.
In that case it’s a straigh forward calculation. Not financial advice, but there shouldn’t be significant change, but if there would be, it should be delegating to more pools that don’t belong to the same owner. This fosters decentralization as well as protection of your rewards through diversification of your delegation among various pools making it less likely for all of them to go down at once; whereas, one pool goes down means it has a higher chance of affecting your bottom line, but by the same token, if it doesn’t go down that could maximize your returns, because the larger the number of pools you are delegated to the higher your chances that at least of of them will go down.
So, you could maximize your profits by find one or two pools with the highest uptime, block production, and near saturation point total stake and you could delegate to those for higher chances of maximizing your profit - also check pool percentage returns to make sure they are high. To foster growth of and support of the ecosystem, you could delegate to 6 or more pools that don’t have too much total stake, but collectively at near saturation they offer competitive chances of producing blocks compared to other single pools with near saturation levels. This way you still make money and support decentralization and minimize risk of losing significant stake rewards via diversification. Again, check pool ADA pecentage yields for high returns and uptime.


6 wallets staked to 6 different pools would provide more stable rewards


I would go with 6 wallets as is flexible enough and allows you to stake in several pools.
As a good way to balance risk and reward in your ADA portfolio is to diversify and stake to several pools.


Since cardano/ITN testnet is not working, I spent an hour or two figuring out how to calculate pool ROI’s. I think I’ve got a good handle on it. In addition to calculating (estimating) adapools’ gross pool returns per annum based on the pool’s previous month’s performance which I think is shown on adapool’s site - I’m not sure which return they were referring to gross or net, but I also calculated (estimated) the net annual pools’ returns (net pool yields for delegates) - they probably did the same since it’s more accurate, looking at yields less SPO costs. My values differ from theirs because I’m working with current total epoch rewards, and other such current universal values (indepedent of what operator’s do), rather than using last month’s values, like adapool does. I think I’m going to forego testnet for now and start setting up mainnet relays on the cloud. I can’t wait for testnet. :(, so I’ll prepare for mainnet in the meantime.

I’ll get around eventually to calculating a few wallets vs many wallets…there has to be an edge there - they can’t all be equal, and pool saturation supports one aspect of inequality, so it’s likely there are other ones, even if subtle, there should be various optimal strategies for wallet staking based on what you’re financial goals are for pools and your level of risk aversion.

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Such an interesting concept, can’t wait to see it in practice!

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If you have all the funds into the same POOL, there’s no matter if you use one or several delegation accounts. First time delegation you need to pay 2 ADA as additional fee, but you’ve already done it when delegating to 6 different POOLs. Now you only have to pay for fee of changing it (0.17 aprox), no matter you join them on one wallet or change every one to the new pool.

If you’re looking for flexibility so you can change some of the total to another POOL is better to keep them separated, but if you plain to keep them at the same POOL (even if you change to another one) ImO it’s better to keep them joined so it saves you time to maintain when reviewing the staking evolution.

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Do you have any idea when we will be able to delegate to multiple pools using the same Daedalus or Yoroi? Maybe the next version of Daedalus or next update for Yoroi?


It’s something in the roadmap. They’re still developing.