One wallet vs multiple wallets

What will be the right choice?
Use one wallet for all ADA coins or divide them into 3-4 different wallets to stack with different pools?


the second idea is very well suited for big bags to support the decentralization!
As far as I can see into the future we will receive this month the possibility to delegate to different pools from one wallet. But it is nothing official, yet, I think.


So actually I can use one wallet for now with the total amount in case of the new feature will be available soon but if it won’t happen, just open a new wallet and transfer some coins from wallet to wallet

In my opinion, you should stick to 1 wallet unless some of them are pure paper wallets with no risk of endangering private keys. So this means you have the recovery phrase handy in case you’d like access to those funds.

For security reasons, you should always keep your private keys off of any internet connected devices. If you were to have multiple wallets that you actively use, you would need multiple ledger nano devices or similar which gets to be apita quickly.

Once you start using your ADA on a daily basis, maybe you’ll have a checking wallet (with local private key) and a savings wallet (with hardware key), but we’re not there yet.

So, 1, unless you’re putting some big bags in cold storage.

It depends on the situation, but generally I agree with Johann, if your are a “big bags” or have a ton of ADA on hand, it is better for the community to spread the wealth in order to drive towards decentralization. The pooling of large amounts of ADA is the problem we are all trying to tackle in the long run.

I think it’s useful to think about “trustless decentralization”. The whole blockchain movement is all about trustless, so we can’t trust good people will split their bags of money to benefit the community. And we can’t trust that they will in the future if they do that today. So we still need many pools that will guarantee a safe network in either case. And so, in short, it doesn’t matter for decentralization purposes. The protocol needs to guarantee safety, not our actions, or we’ve lost already.