Staking - can 1 wallet allocate amongst several pools?

Lets say I have 100 ADA.

If I only create 1 wallet -

 1. I realize I can allocate 100 to pool A
 2. Can I stake 60 to Pool A, 30 to Pool B, and then 10 to Pool C?
 3. Or would I have to create 3 wallets so I can stake to 3 different pools?

Thanks anyone (I know one of the gracious admins will probably respond. They are as fast as lightning sometimes)!

One wallet for every stake pool.

I had one Byron wallet and divided it between 4 Shelly wallets so I could test out many stake pools and see who does it best. You can change your stake at any time but changes will not take affect until the next epoch. There is a small network fee for every delegation of $0.02ish so the best way to receive consistent gains is to let it sit once delegated. If you switch often you will occur fees each time and will never earn a reward because any change, including delegating to a previously delegated pool will require a new epoch (5 days).

How did you “divide” it into 4 wallets from 1 Byron Wallet (is that the master that holds each individual wallet)?

By creating new “Shelley” wallets?

Fees point is correct but IMO the level is insignificant. Missing out on rewards by switching is incorrect, you remained delegated to the first pool up to the point at which you become delegated to the second pool.

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Thanks. I am still confused as to can a Shelly wallet stake yo more than one pool?

Or if I wanted to stake 4 total( each to a different pool) will I have to create 4 Shelly wallets?


No, one wallet per pool, one pool per wallet.

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Thank you a ZILLION times. your response is extremely clear. Obviously I should have worded my question better.Despite my issue you saw the heart of the question and has responded spot on (as usual). Thanks again.