Different Wallet Scenario

Firstly. As you know I had an old seed wallet then updated to shelley automatically when I sent my Ada to ledger right ? Secondly if you have Time…

So I synced my ledger s to deadalus after recovering the old wallet. So I made a new seed llfor ledger then synced it and it was empty of course. I then sent some coins to the created ledger 24 (shelley) wallet (just a few before I became brave) this is right yes ?

I rather ask here before the event than after and wreck it… the responses are great ty

Also. Shall I use yoroi to check my new ledger seed rather than reset which I did do itiniallyafter 20 dollat practise,though my daed is very fast and I hold the little I have there ? If I can ask again…Will my ledger wallet be ok to view without connecting ? And once more )÷



For ledger u don’t need seed words when u connect to daedalus or yoroi
Just pair the ledger and follow the instructions