Disappeared ADA


I just logged in and found out the ADA tokens were missing from desktop Daedalus Wallet.
PC is encrypted and it has paid anti-virus subscription. I was also logged in and wallet was not opened.
It appears a transaction was done, but surely not by me.
Destination address: DdzFFzCqrhsnVkehogx277wuZoCUw1YnWZp1B7KWibaAfZfpoNgdUjg23BW8Zg6WioRYkLdaHPBqTJcfEYAzHpev3686usEyFmr6x7xR (sends me to explorer.cardano.org which seems to be under work)
Transaction ID: 5a0820d418f2cead361e28960f9ff2f304ee0431fa60e434eda9fecf0dbf93d0

  1. Is this a theft? And if it is, shouldn’t my password been typed in?
  2. Assuming it was I was hacked, is wallet safe? Or, do I need to create another wallet?




Have u ever downloaded daedalus from android/google play store?


Yes, I did. It was not syncing with desktop.

Sorry to inform u, it was a scam; by doing this u provided the seed words to the scammer;

Thanks. Is that app a scam? If so, why is it not reported and removed from Play Store?
Do I need to create a new wallet now? And delete this one entirely?


Trust me, it was reported but tbh I don’t know why was not removed!

Yes, delete the wallet and create another one!
Ur pc was not compromised; and please be carefull , there are many videos also on youtube with giveaway… don’t trust them… download the wallets only from official sites; and remember that daedalus is a full node, it will never work on mobiles; for mobiles only yoroi is available! Also, before to download something from playstore be carefull to details…

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Thanks! I presume I will get new phrase words.

Yes, create new wallet and u will have a new seed words!

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Thank you. It didn’t seem let me initially, it took some time.
The DELETE red button had the progress bar continuously revolving.

PS: Shouldn’t the thief be prompted for the password for a transaction/spending?

Nope, because with seed words u have the possibility to restore the wallet in case u forgot the spending password

Be happy, it wasn’t so expensive lesson!
There are people who lost thousands or even more

there was an android app that was used to phish thousands of users, it performed transfers today 2/15/2021 (Us Time EST). I got my coins hit that I’d placed to stake. If you grabbed a mobile app that looked like it came from Daedalus you probably got had. their privacy policy even backlinked to Daedalus. It was an impressive phish, as a beginner I was dumb and didn’t do my basics, which was check which platforms were supported.

It sounds like you might have gotten into the same scam as me. But beware I’m sure there are alot more. Make a new wallet.

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