Download Daedalus Rewards and start earning real ada rewards

Ok, thank you. I will delete and than re download the files.

In the Rewards section of the Daedalus Testnet Wallet my Rewards Payouts are appearing. I received a payout for Thursday and I received a payout yesterday (Friday) but Thursday’s payout is no longer listed. It only shows a single payout which was yesterday (Friday).

I thought all the payouts would be listed on Daedalus with dates? Also shouldn’t there be a Total Balance of of Rewards received in that section too so we know how much ADA we have received for staking?

Thanks for hard work Cardanoids. rewards wallet up and running. After a few quirks that you guys handled quickly all seems to be running smoothlyish. Have staked to 2 pools and rewards seem to be accruing correctly.