Daedalus Rewards (v2.1.0-ITN1) Released

A new Daedalus Rewards wallet is now available for download for Shelley Incentivized testnet users.

The update addresses a couple of common issues, including a fix for the zero-balance issue, and delivers Yoroi support and hardware wallet restoration for users. It should be noted that hardware wallet restoration should be used with caution and only by experienced hardware wallets users who understand the security risks. v2.1.0 also brings a new feature that allows users to easily see a stake pool’s level of saturation.

Saturation is a term used to indicate that a particular stake pool has more stake delegated to it than is ideal for the network, and once a pool reaches the “saturation point” it will offer diminishing rewards. The saturation mechanism was designed and implemented by Cardano to prevent centralization and to preserve the interests of both ada holders delegating their stake and stake pool operators. You’ll also find a number of new ‘experimental’ features. These are UI functions not quite ready for primetime, but ones that we’d like to test, iterate and improve over the weeks ahead. Let us know what you think.

The ranking mechanism in Daedalus Rewards has also been improved by integrating new desirability parameters. Desirability looks at factors including things like profit margin, costs, performance and rewards per epoch.

This update aims to offer an improved experience when connecting to the network nodes. However, due to the nature of the testnet, users may still encounter issues when trying to sync their wallets. Please log a ticket with our helpdesk if this new update doesn’t improve your experience.

The following issues have been identified - fixes will be rolled out later this week (Status updated: 6PM CET Feb 16th 2020)

  1. Please note, if you get a ‘wallet already exists’ alert when trying to update your wallet, you may need to delete your state directory. Please check out this helpdesk article which will take you through the process.
  2. Mac OS Catalina users may also encounter an error message when trying to install the new version of the wallet. This is due to an unforeseen issue with notarizing the app with Apple. The team is working to swiftly address this and a new installer build will be uploaded as soon as this issue has been fixed.

Full release notes on this feature and everything included in this update can be found here.

Download the latest Daedalus Rewards

Note: this Daedalus client is only for users who held ada in a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet when the UTXO snapshot was taken at 12.00 UTC on November 29, 2019. Further details on how to participate in the Shelley Incentivized Testnet can be found on the official website.


Maki thanks for the update, especially the Mac OS issue which is effecting me as described.

Are updates like this being sent out by email as well? Although I signed up on the staking website I haven’t received any updates and I’m wondering if that system was abandoned.


Windiws 10: Hi, I have installed new release of Daedalus Reward (2.1.0-ITN# and when tried to restore ballance testnet wallet has received error saying wallet is already exists though the install was fresh. At the same time the Reward wallet has been restored. Is that the new feature that new update is not capable to show tetnet balance wallet?

I did it exactly as it was recommended i.e deleted state directory but it doesn’t help. a ‘wallet already exists’ error pesist relewant to balance wallet/ With reward wallet is everything OK though sync is very bad and much worse for new release

UPD: when I closed client and open it again the reward wallet has disappeared, and no way to restore it/ What a mess with that new “update”

You don’t need the Balance wallet.

I don’t understand what happened in your UPD, but IMO your best option is to delete state dir again.

“What a mess” Well it is a testnet, the whole point is to find and report bugs.

OK, but my reward wallet has gone after I closed client and open it again. And this time “wallet exist error” appeared for Reward wallet. Deleting state directory again and again is the pain in the ass/

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I had similar issues with Daedalus testnet wallet. I ultimately switched to Yoroi. You can download the chrome extension and restore with your seed words. It works great!

Seems like I’m not only one 0. Balance on testnet wallet spent 2 days in yoroi wallet to try and stake 20000 ada I bought way back