EMURGO ✕ TEAMZ Meetup on Blockchain Market Outlook in China: A Recap

Most recently, EMURGO co-hosted a local blockchain community meetup event with blockchain services firm TEAMZ, to have an informational discussion on the status of the blockchain industry in China as we head into 2020. The overall objective of this meetup was to offer the local blockchain community greater insight into the sentiment and development of blockchain technology in China on the heels of the Chinese government’s public advocacy for blockchain development, by leveraging EMURGO’s network of industry partners and information resources. With growing recognition of the potential benefits of blockchain technology in mainstream business and government circles around the world, this meetup event attracted a diverse crowd from the local blockchain community including those working in the industry, those planning to offer blockchain-related services, and others wanting to learn more about the blockchain market in China. EMURGO strongly believes in providing the useful, foundational building blocks of blockchain education for developers and also to the general public to highlight the utilities of blockchain and onboard interested parties into the Cardano ecosystem.

The other co-host for the meetup event, TEAMZ, is a Japan-based blockchain services firm with ties to the Chinese and greater Asian region. The firm provides business strategies and solutions to innovative blockchain companies around the world, with a team of international and experienced members who support the expansion of customer brands in Asia and worldwide.

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