EMURGO: Yoroi Incentivized Testnet update


What a pity!! I hope it will come very soon and emurgo will give an estatement when they hope it will be operational.

Does it mean that all of us who had mainnet ADA in Yoroi when ITN Snapshot was taken are still unable to register a pool? Or is there any way to use the testnet ADA from Yoroi’s recovery words?

I am really confused, because everyone is talking about Testnet Yoroi in the context of being able to stake just a little bit later than others, but as I said: what about all Yoroi users who wanted to setup a pool in the last week and are still unable to do so? Is there any other way?

Yoroi is a lightweight wallet, which can be used to delegate your stake to an existing stake pool. It cannot be used to create a stake pool.

To create a stake pool, you need to use Jormungandr. Versions of Jormungandr capable of creating stake pool are available for several weeks now. Creating a stake pool is however quite technical task and your internet connection must meet certain criteria, so it’s not for regular end users.

Thank you for explanation.

I know what Yoroi is and that Jormungandr is the tool for registering a stake pool. It’s all OK as well as that staking pool requires 24/7 etc etc… and that it requires some skills beyond “regular PC user” or “crypto enthusiast”. I am all aware, I am “equipped” with proper VPS and what-else to run and maintain a server.

What I mean is that it was (for me at least) very un-obvious that having my real ADA snapshot with Yoroi will exclude me from that very happy crowd of early Cardano staking-pool operators.

Previous testnet wallets could be injected with facuet-ADA… and real ADA I always keep safe in Yoroi+HW Wallet and only for the snapshot case I have moved it into “regular” Yoroi just to be able to use it to register my pool as soon as ITN starts.

I am wondering how many Yoroi users willing to run a staking pool were misguided like me… Or it’s just me, because no “real Cardano hardcore” would use Yoroi?

Yes! Yoroi staking wallet is operational. :clap::clap:I just delegated my ada to cardanians.io because they have a good site, write opinionarticles etc.
I am curious what the revenues will be.

Hey @witoldsz

Due to the delays with Yoroi I used guidance from @SebastienGllmt in the Telegram group to build Yoroi from their repo, which allowed me to convert my wallet to Shelley and use it to register a stake pool.

Looks like they have just released Yoroi officially so all good for those wanting access to their snapshot funds for registering their stake pool.

It will be interesting to see how many more get registered now.

Their servers are under tremendous loads so a few hiccups, but otherwise worked perfectly !
I’m staking! (next epoch anyway)
I love watching blocks get awarded on pooltool.io its like the stat board at a horse race!
C’mon Seabiscuit!