Enigma stake pool introduction

I would like to introduce our pool to the Cardano community. Our pool name is Enigma and the ticker is “one”.


Our mission is to help the Cardano community and help our local charities. Our pool has been operational since epoch 222 and we are here to stay! We will never start a 2nd pool, as we believe in the decentralization of the network and we support SPOs who are running single pools. We thank you for your love and support. Let’s mint some ADA together!

Pool info

  • POOL: EnigmA
  • Ticker: ONE
  • Pool ID: 3805681d8d4bc9c7f298c24fdeca3406849e2db84a0708718d96d0b2
  • Pledge: 20k
  • Margin: 2.99%+ 340 ADA (fixed fee)
  • Website: red-sky.one
  • Location: Canada, Ontario
  • Operational: Since ephoc 222

Pool structure

Enigma (ONE) is running on bare metal servers. We are running 1 Block Producer and multiple Relays. Our Block Producer has been running locally and only connects with our relays. Security is our highest priority, PB and Relays are behind multiple robust firewalls (OS and hardware level).


We have been donating to cancer hospitals since we started our pool. Donations were made even before we mint our first block. I know it is hard to trust someone in their words, so we started to post the receipts on our discord channel.

Please delegate to our pool and help us keep the Cardano network decentralized and help charities benefit from our donations.

Stronger Together!

Twitter | https://twitter.com/enigma_SPO

Discord | https://discord.gg/trhq94BMcE