Introducing [AERO]SPACE Stake Pool

Hello Everybody,

finally, I have the courage to introduce my stake pool to you folks. I’ve been up and running since epoch 242 but I wanted to be 100% satisfied with my pool setup before hitting you guys up. Well, I learned that you propably will never be completely satisfied but at this moment I am at least for 98% :slight_smile:

About me:

I am an aerosapce engineer and enthusiast, following crypto since a few years. In Cardano I found the research and science based ecosystem, worthwile to try to combine with my profession. My daily life includes the administration of high-performance-clusters for computational-fluid-dynamics and otehr simulations, so I think I am able to run a pool reliable and securely.

My Mission:

This pool is supposed to be my starting point and the basis for exploring applications in the aerospace industry. I see a lot of demand for proven, secure and not manipulable applications in aerospace industry. So I hope being a SPO allows me to gradually shift my professional life in the cardano universe.
If you have any idea on future applications, especially with the upcoming smart contracts, hit me up!

Pool stats:

Some key points about my approach

  • Bare Metal Core Node: Gives me full control and feels safer (for example OpenSSH is disabled) (4Cores, 8GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, business grade ISP with static IPv4, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
  • 3 Relays on different Cloud Providers. I plan to setup another physical relay at a friend of mine, just to increase decentralization.

I really appreciate the atmosphere of support and friendliness in this forum and I plan to be part of it.

Best wishes,


  • Ticker: [AERO]
  • ID: 6cc9e3fad65bf5e427ef1ae0aa0fe08a9879870a4eccc479f3b217ad
  • Pledge: 2k
  • Fee: 340
  • Margin: 0% (to get things going, till 1.5M staked)
  • Location: Germany

Cheers all together,

many SPOs in this forum have awesome purposes and missions in supporting charities and other honourable organisations. Since I am still a small pool I can’t guarantee regular donations based on rewards so I wanted to combine the useful with the beautiful and start my own charitable campaign and help my pool grow at the same time. You can see the details below. As soon as my pool is going well I will poll for charities to continue on.

Any further Input/feedback is highly appreciated!