Error rotating KES key in CNTOOLS

Hi Community,

I am getting the following error when rotating KES key in CNTOOLS > Pool > Rotate:

ERROR: op cert counter file missing and unable to get previous counter value!

Along with other files, I have op.cert and kes.start (has number 285) file in /opt/cardano/cnode/priv/pool/pool_name

not much comes up on a google search, any ideas?

What files do u have inside the pool folder?

Type ls -l

you need all these files in there:
cold.skey , cold.vkey and cold.counter

thanks @Alexd1985 and @ADA4Good, the issue was with the cold.counter file. Once I copied that to the node the KES renewal went fine. gLiveView now shows the new KES period but interestingly Grafana shows only 9 days left. I have restarted the grafana and prometheus service on the relay node and restarted the node_exporter service on the producer node but it still shows the incorrect KES expiration.

For grafana choose 15 minutes :slight_smile: and u should see the correct number of days left (number of days from grafana x 1,5 = ~92 days left)

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I changed Grafana to a 15 minute refresh interval and each refresh the number of days increases by a few, at the moment it’s 24 days, it might take a day to get up to 90… quite amusing …

You are using this metric: