Ethos wallet unable to send ADA

Hey Thurmbo,

Yes i did recover my ADA finally after 3 months.

Find Below instructions.

The Ethos Universal Wallet will no longer support Cardano (ADA) transfers. Cardano funds currently stored in Ethos can remain there indefinitely, however, the app’s “send” functionality will not be restored. Instead, a utility tool has been provided to assist in moving the funds from your existing wallet to a new address.

To recover Cardano funds being held in an Ethos Universal Wallet address, the utility tool will construct a transaction for the full balance in your wallet using the private key derived from your 24 word SmartKey.

Step 1. Generate your private key. This can be generated from the BIP39 tool, and must be provided to send the transaction to the new address.

Step 2. Download the Ethos Wallet Recovery Tool and follow the attached instructions to setup on either Mac or Windows OS.

Step 3. Provide your private key and a new destination address for the funds in your current wallet to be forwarded to. The destination address must be a Shelley-era (enterprise, payments) or Byron-era address type.

Step 4. Once both the private key and destination address are verified, a transaction will be generated and submitted to the blockchain to transfer all funds to the destination address.

Your Ethos Universal Wallet private key for Cardano will never be transmitted during this operation. Additionally, private keys for other assets held in your Ethos Universal Wallet are not compromised and are completely separate from this process.

It is recommended, however, that you abandon your Cardano private key and address after the transfer is complete. We look forward to helping you transfer your ADA.