European Central bank big bang migration


somehow nobody talks about " The T2-T2S consolidation " project, source: The T2-T2S consolidation project moves forward at full speed"

I know that this project for postponed until 2022 years, I think this migration will affect crypto industry drasticaly. Maybe somebody knows more about ?


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Hey mate, welcome!
Maybe because we don’t understand why it’s so important :slight_smile:
What are the implications here - Banks upgrading their protocols? Central banks moving closer to digital currencies?

Why big bang?

yes, they want to change cross broder payments.
Here is official document, but they just extended the road map till 2022 novemberOverall_key_milestones_to_ensure_a_successful_big-bang_migration_in_November_2021.pdf (99.2 KB)

it will have huge impact in europe

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in my personal opinion XRP will get trillions in market cap, not few trilliosn but 10s of trillions :slight_smile: but cardano will play the role too.