Expected time between rewards payout by stake pool size

I’ve written up a short post on Reddit that gives the expected block times for a given staked amount of Ada.

This can be helpful if you are considering delegating your Ada to a small pool (<1M Ada total) by showing you how long you might wait to receive rewards.

Enjoy, and remember that MEME Pool is the best Cardano stake pool :wink:

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Hai… recently i did delegated aome of my ADA to NEDS1. After couple days, epoch 267. Time remaining about 10 hours and the % indicator at 91%. What are those numbers mean? Ans what if the timea is up and the % indicatior doeant meet the 100%.
I am very new in this. Btw i stake in yoroi. Thank you.

Do you mean an indicator like this


It means there are a little less than 10h left in the current epoch. An epoch runs over 5 days.

I see. Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: