Failing to run cardano preview testnet... conway error

So I am trying to run the node on preview

Here is what I did:

cd preview

I ran the following:


Then the following:

cardano-node run --topology topology.json
–database-path db
–socket-path node.socket
–port 3001
–config config.json

I receive this error:

Conway related : There was an error parsing the genesis file: “./conway-genesis.json” Error: “Error in $.poolVotingThresholds: parsing Cardano.Ledger.Conway.Core.PoolVotingThresholds(PoolVotingThresholds) failed, key "pvtMotionNoConfidence" not found”

If these are the updated configuration files, why would I be getting this error?

You need to update your node to 8.9.0 as well

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check which version do you run, navigate to bellow page and click on configuration files → preview testnet and download the file