FetchDeclinePeerBusy 350951 TraceLabelPeer Additional Relay Sync

I have attempted to add a second relay - my block producer and first relay are happily ticking along but I am not sure if the new relay is getting anywhere…

blockPointHash = 590e8575a9d1665ab90b64d61c01face4016356c96b78318efe617a989707e59})]),TraceLabelPeer (ConnectionId {localAddress = XXX.XX.XXX.XXX:46527, remoteAddress =}) (Left (FetchDeclineConcurrencyLimit FetchModeBulkSync 1))]
Nov 11 17:57:31 vmi715150.contaboserver.net cardano-node[96682]: [vmi71515:cardano.node.ChainDB:Notice:39] [2021-11-11 16:57:31.92 UTC] Chain extended, new tip: d5513a7798b1de622f5ffcd1bd9a72dbb6b6713e42b951564c0127b57dea408f at slot 542130
Nov 11 17:57:33 vmi715150.contaboserver.net cardano-node[96682]: [vmi71515:cardano.node.ChainDB:Notice:39] [2021-11-11 16:57:33.43 UTC] Chain extended, new tip: 0b1607e194df19147450eb2a865fe1d279fbdca3e0c78c13b896f6fbf36ec091 at slot 542642

Can u share the glive output?

Do I have to wait until epoch208 to use gLive?

Yes, I think so (if I remember well)