Find Daedalus Certificate

Hi, I’m trying to certify my Daedalus but I never received a certificate. How do I find my certificate?

I am the same, I have downloaded the wallet but unable to find the cert

I have mailed the support to see if we can get the answer. I will post it if when I get a response

I’m pretty new to all this, but aren’t certificates for if you purchased as part of the initial offering? So, you wouldn’t receive one unless you were purchased one from the initial offering discussed here:


Yes you are right. Support ticket is:

Daichi Hatayama (Iohk)

Dec 4, 12:53 JST
Thank you for contacting me.
Only those who purchased ADA by pre-sale will redeem ADA.
Therefore, there is no certificate for those who have not purchased ADA at pre-sale.
Currently ADA’s pre-sales have been completed, so in order to purchase ADA it is necessary to buy it at an exchange where you can purchase ADA.
In addition, Daedalus has started to operate the main net.
If you download the test net, please download the main net.
I’m not good at English.
I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.


Dec 4, 10:09 JST

ADA Cert - I downloaded the wallet to help with testing. On the instruction video it says to upload a certificate to get ada for testing. I joined the forum and see another has the same issue: Find Daedalus Certificate

Is there a step we have missed regarding the Cert we need?

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