First wallet setup in daedalus built from source in Debian SID GNU/Linux



First wallet setup in daedalus
The wallet address is :
DdzFFzCqrhsjVNdJGABBkC8MKyWxnVDGtiJ4QBN7vkpQ5WQvu9AvxVCgd3gGS3eeJLkcu5auzHcbd2abSv5c22zajmxgeJDuoXYYxr3Q I sent myself 3 ADA for a test
Screenshot from 2017-12-18 11-06-13

Transaction is here but I dont see it yet in my wallet on my machine

My node build instructions here:

front end instructions linked from there as well

Here a snippet from my log, what to look for?

[node.plugin.ntp-check:DEBUG:ThreadId 470668] [2017-12-18 16:15:52.04 UTC] Received time delta -25461 mcs
[node.plugin.ntp-check:INFO:ThreadId 470589] [2017-12-18 16:15:52.12 UTC] Stopped
[node.wallet.servant:INFO:ThreadId 470589] [2017-12-18 16:15:52.12 UTC] 
    :> api
    :> settings
    :> time
    :> difference
   Status: OK 5.079957479s > 0
[node.wallet.servant:INFO:ThreadId 470674] [2017-12-18 16:15:53.02 UTC] 
    :> api
    :> settings
    :> sync
    :> progress
   Status: OK 0.000926614s > progress=370419/370419 peers=0

Daedalus wallet not receiving coins - wallet just created, blocks sync 100%

Thank you.

There is a little issue regarding binary-caches-public-keys

You have to fix it also.


Thank you.
I have merged all changes from master and dev into my cardano-sl branch and updated the front end as well. Instructions are updated as well.


Unfortunately I couldn’t run Daedalus on NixOS.