Forget password

I forgot my password and therefore can not invest my cardano

If you got your seed phrase restore your wallet, then you will be able to set a new password

I did not receive the seed

I want to steak cardanomo I forgot the password

What can I do?

Simple wallet? Yoroi or daedalus?

Yoroi. Because I forgot the password that I can not do the stick or any other action

Ok, but there is a simple wallet or u have trezor/ledger?

There is a simple wallet yoroi
Of the type shelley

What can i do?

nothing without the seed words, or try to remember and try as more password you remember… but you should have the 15 seed words somewhere because you couldn’t finished the wallet installation without the seed words (first time yoroi provided the seed words and after that it requested to you to write again the seed words)

this was the step to confirm the seed words after you bkp-ed it


PS: the picture is from google, not mine

I have these 15 letters. But I forgot that password to transfer Cardano or Stak

If you got the 15 seed words you can restore your wallet and set a new password as i already mentioned in my first answer

Now if I delete and reinstall my wallet and OK these 15 letters. Want a new password for the stak? No longer wants the old password I forgot?

Yes man, when u will restore the wallet it will ask u for a new wallet name and spending password - new password u will use for transactions and stake

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Will the previous creature I had remain?

Yes it will