Stolen coins? Yoroi wallet

Ada stolen from the yoroi wallet?

I´m new here in the forum and i had a problem with my Yoroi wallet. The Sync was not correctly. I asked here if someone could help me.

I did not see that i get a direct message and thouht it was an comment.

I get a info to contact the support on a website named “allchain-userssupport”.

It looks like the perfect scam but i didnt see it. My fault.

Anyway, they had only my email-adress, the wallet name und the keywords for restore the wallet but not the password to do it.

My Coins were delegating to a pool, but not anymore. There is a transaction to a adress with all my tokens. Not my adress i think, because the balance is 0.

The question i have is, it´s possible to get access to my wallet only with the correct keywords? I need to put my password in to restore the wallet. They dont have my password, so i dont know how they were able to send all my coins from my wallet away to a other adress.

Or the withdraw from the staking pool tooks a few days and i get my coins later but i dont think so…

Thanks in advance.

Of course!

I’m sorry that you had to find out this way, but the seed phrase is the only secret needed to completely control your wallet.

The spending passwords of the different wallet apps are just local security with which they encrypt the seed phrase while storing it (so you don’t have to put it in every time). You can import/restore the same wallet to a lot of different wallet apps on a lot of different devices just with the seed phrase and use a different password with all of them. You can just delete the wallet and import it again if you forgot the password and set a new one.

Not only with Cardano, but with every cryptocurrency, you never share your seed phrase with anybody!

When scammers get the seed phrase they don’t need your password, they don’t need anything else, they don’t need access to your device. With the seed phrase everybody on the world can use any wallet app or other tool to completely control your wallet.

And: Please flag that scam message, so that we can at least remove that scammer from the forum! …, although we will never be able to promise to remove them before they can send you a message.

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Ai ai, so sorry for you to read this! Wish you the best