Fractalide - a decentralized browser for Cardano dapps

Hello all,

Our aim is to build a decentralized browser for dapps that run on arbitrary peer reviewed blockchains. Starting with Cardano.

Many today think pointing their firefox browser at a website like cryptokitties is interacting with a dapp in a decentralized manner. Sadly, the cryptokitties server is a centralized service that talks to a smart contract. It therefore becomes a centralized point of surveillance and censorship.

People understand the utility of decentralization, it allows one to have a bank in your back pocket.
In the future we will see more organizations running services as dapps. If we continue to use dapps that are presented via a company’s centralized web server, we’ll see more instances of companies tracking our spending habits and if needed, block our service. The more critical the services the more dire that censorship becomes.

A dapp isn’t just a smart contract executing on a blockchain. It needs a graphical user interface and all the dependencies of a fully functional application that encodes business logic. It absolutely doesn’t make sense to put all those dependencies on the blockchain. Fractalide allows you to run your dapp on your machine, meaning you won’t be tracked or censored.

Have a look at for more information. You’re welcome to participate in development over at

Also, we’ve just started work on a new Cardano wallet. Keen to have feedback as we progress.

Thank you for your time.


:bangbang: I would like to remind all other users to be careful and NOT download any unofficial wallets until they are properly reviewed and audited by the community! :bangbang:

However good their site looks :slight_smile:

If any company or a person except IOHK asks you to enter your secret words on a website or in a software you downloaded from their website - delete this software and report it to this forum, please.

The same goes if they ask you to use secret words they have created for you!

Only official software wallet from is proven to be safe at this point!

Stay safe and use your brain :slight_smile: Remember that in the world of cryptocurrency - only you are responsible for the safety of your assets.


That was a uncalled for, we’ve only just started work on this. It’s a fully open source wallet. Gosh I hope the Cardano community isn’t cult like.

Thanks for the welcome vantuz-subhuman you make me feel like the hard work, energy and effort is actually contributing to the Cardano eco-system.

There’s nothing specifically said about your project, and no one says it’s gonna be a bad one. It’s just a remainder for everyone to stay safe.

The only cult in our community is “Safety and Transparency”.

We are glad to all new projects working with our ecosystem, and we will be glad to follow the development of your system and to provide it an honest review :+1:

As someone working in the cryptocurrency space I hope you understand that we also can’t just momentarily encourage all users to follow anyone with a link that says “Download our wallet” even tho, I agree, there’s nothing to download yet.

I am sincerely welcome @sjmackenzie and the “Fractalide” company to our awesome community! :slight_smile:

I hope our community cooperation with this seemingly great company will bear a lot of awesome fruit into existence and will improve diversity and quality of user experience in this ecosystem!


Let me share a bit of information with you, take it or leave it. When a team of people are working hard to build something for a community that is open source and solves a really difficult problem. After you’ve sussed out their work if it’s looks legit then you reach out and welcome them in. Obviously if it’s dodgy shit then you put up the warning signals. I tell you, if you keep up with that sort of thing, it just bad manners you will drive away contributors.

You do not get to say:
There’s nothing specifically said about your project, and no one says it’s gonna be a bad one. It’s just a remainder for everyone to stay safe. the topic of the thread is stated in the original post, keep to the original topic. Use your head man.

I think it would be good for your project if the community audits it before letting it reach the masses. You need beta testers anyway, this should be standard practice. Nobody wants to see something like this happen. Best way for your project to be a succes is with support from the community and a stamp of approval by iohk.

I do support your endeavour and i like the idea. Its a nice use case! Your site looks really great and im looking forward to hearing more about what your building.

Now lets all calm down, take a deep breath, and become zen again…



See that bald guy to the left of Charles? That’s me. It’s really dangerous to the expansion of a community if you say they need to be vetted before entry into a community. Look at their work, look at their code, do your own homework.

It’s really dangerous to the expansion of a community if you say they need to be vetted before entry into a community.

Your entry is not vetted Stewart, just because @vantuz-subhuman gave some decent advice directed towards the community does not imply it is an attack on your project. It is also a common courtesy to introduce yourself into a community, but i won’t hold that against you.

Now i understand that you as a founder and developer could read that advice and get the wrong perception, but it is solid advice to educate the community on matters like these.

There are so many scams in this space it’s ridiculous… to advise people they should be dilligent and use common sense when it comes to third party developers seems like a good idea to me. I know this is your baby and i understand your reaction.

But as you state on your own site:

So, you see, we are all very much alike here. And you and the community want the same things. I’m pretty sure that Charles would like your project to be peer reviewed as much as the community would like this.

Thank you for posting on this forum, i will eagerly follow all news and updates regarding your beautifull project. It’s an amazing opportunity!! And i can’t wait to test it!

Good luck,


Welcome to the community @sjmackenzie. I look forward to learning more about your projects and wish you great success.

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Let me give you a couple of words…

Here is how you could have handled this, instead of getting butthurt and emotional.

Calmly and rationally

You could have stated why your product is safe, and which precautions you have made
You could have encouraged and welcomed anyone to just take a look at the code
You could have talked about your own concerns about security
You could just have ignored it

By doing what you just did, you come of as unstable and unreasonable… is this how you are going to deal with potential issues your wallet/product might face? is security not a concern to you? do you have no understanding about the seriousness and consequences a “Wallet” can have? That mistakes can cost peoples thousands and even millions… and we all want to keep scams at bay… Do you have something to hide?

Like all of these things you project into the world.

and drop the BS about that you are somehow here just to improve the Cardano community as some sort of charity event… and therefore get a exception for not being challenged on anything… Your product has investors, You are here as a business… You are here for your own reasons, just like everyone else… Which is why you should set your own personal feelings aside, when dealing with your business, you are representing it. People wont be scared away by anything, and those who are just not cut for it, people are here for business opportunities or other personal reasons, Its not a tea-club.

It is a very reasonable warning in general (should be posted in anyones thread promoting a wallet or other project that could cause harm) and was not directed at your project - we dont know who you are, your name or anything - and most people do not have the technical capabilities to review code. This should be done by the community and people who know what they are doing, and they should give the stamp of approval - specially when you use official channels to promote such projects (this will most likely be banned one day)

or you can takes other measures to endorse the security of your product, and trustworthiness of the team behind.

It would be great with competing wallets, there is a big needs for this, specially with all the problems of Daudalus and wish you all the best - and I hope you take this opportunity and learn from it and handle future situations better.


Hi, Thanks. I’ll definitely check it out. Looking forward to seeing your progress. I’ve been hoping for a wallet that can create private keys offline for air gapped devices.