Fraud warnings: Glovarry, Hoskinsea, DaVincisLocker

There is a growing number of fraudulent “NFT marketplace”-projects, modeled after the recently exposed (and practically exited) Verlux scam.

New to the list are:

  • Glovarry (dot io) - confirmed scam
  • Hoskinsea (dot io) - confirmed scam
  • DaVincisLocker - confirmed scam

There are also relations to GoMetaLaunch, which is questionable, too, but I was not able yet to find unrefutable proof for that one.

All these are selling worthless tokens without real development and are highly likely to disappear with investors’ funds after several rounds of “seed”, “pre” and “public sale”. These fakes are at least losely connected to the “Grayson” scammers group and its 5+ rugpulls.

After I published one of my investigation methods in connection with the Capitrade, Grayson and Ravendex scams, the criminals have adapted and there are no hidden metadata in the newer fakes. Nonetheless, I was able to identify the above listed - but will not write directly in this forum, how that is done. I think it is quite obvious if one looks at the websites and methods.

Don’t invest and spread the message. Thank you.

/edit 16.4.2022: typo, and DaVincisLocker is now confirmed w/ technical proof.


yes ad people are gonna find crypto is not secure and anyone can build a scam becouse there is a huge hole on security

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Could you check if Cardacity NFTs is a scam. Since you have a method to find if a project is scam. You could investigate this project further to see if it is sincerely building or if it is just a scam. Their twitter account shows 9000 followers but they barely have any people in their discord.

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