Free Cardano

According to Charles, the central strategy for Cardano’s adoption is providing services in the developing world to the billions of undocumented, unbanked people.
Running a secure permissionless network has a cost.
As the price of ADA increases, the cost of transaction for the very poor becomes unattainable.
The value to be transferred in this segment of the population is very low; therefore, it may not need the security guarantee of the permissionless network, but its social value is very high.
I am not qualified to figure out the economics, or legal implications of it, but running a free version of full Cardano blockchain (like the ITN) by volunteers or small compensation from the treasury, would solve this problem.
It can also serve as a testing ground for new tools and functionalities. The Uport identity dap ran on the Etherioum test network (I believe Rinkeby) before it was moved to the mainnet.

In Africa, the contract enforcement regime is fragile. Therefore any community effort is exposed to corruption and being hijacked by influential individuals. The only working contract is the one that is enforced socially, which mirrors a blockchain protocol incidentally (the original DAO). But this can be done only on a small scale.

The banking system in Ethiopia is very weak. Instead, there are thousands of small associations called “equb” that come together every week or month. People collect money and give to a member by drawing a lot or by popular consent depending on how urgently the individual needs the money. Some equbs have a purely draw system, and the lucky person sells his turn making a small profit. This system allows the poor to save money to buy costly things; otherwise, he/she would not afford where there is no credit system.

Providing a free Blockchain would strengthen these existing traditional fair organizations and bring them to the modern era.


I think it is a good topic to debate, but fees according to plan, would dinamically adjust as price goes up and down. Still, a few cents of €or $ could be too much.