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“The public ownership of facilities and the privatization of property.”

If basic needs slowly become public facilities to provide, people will gradually become fair. The secret of human progress is to free people’s hands from the labor they feed for themselves, and to replace it with mechanically automated industries and agriculture. The basic food is not free for a day, and hunger and exploitation will always happen. However, agricultural families in underdeveloped areas still need to sell agricultural products to make a living, this is not in conflict: Farmers’ agricultural products are commodities, and publicly-owned automated farms are facilities.

There must be public agriculture to help hungry people, but no one does it and everything needs high costs. The extra printing of banknotes as an out-of-date moral printing machine produced locusts and made blood whips, causing a surge in the population of the entire planet. Invincible secure Internet programming currency does not connect the world for a day, old world printers will host this world for a day. The teenagers were locked in their cages and forced to sacrifice everything they had, fooling family tragedies…

How can the soft violence in this world spread little by little from unscrupulous speculators?

Nothing will not backfire. If you have free food, who can buy the agricultural family’s agricultural products? Free food should be provided to proletarians and agricultural families. The public treasury purchases agricultural products from agricultural households and provides them to the hungry people and proletarians of the world at no cost, and they are always provided to them. Recognize inertia. Lazy lazy self. Make positivity self-positive. Everyone has their own way, then things will become.

So a part or a certain proportion of Caldano’s vault (ideally it does not exceed 50%?) is used to purchase agricultural products from agricultural households by paying ADA at a reasonable price higher than the market, and transported to the hungry regions, proletarians, slums in the world. Free to provide to people there. This will certainly promote the rapid adoption of Cardano in the world. This will be entirely favorable. The entire process must be fully transparent with blockchain technology to prevent corruption. When the state treasury is abundant, it uses its area of ​​suitable crops for cultivation in the world to contract farms to support charity. If the employment of staff services is maintained, ADA must be paid for them. ADA consumer stations should establish in underdeveloped regions of the world, where famine, war, terror, political exploitation, and proletarians have gathered so that people can pay for the ADA to buy food at extremely low prices. And establish such a consumer station in the country’s agricultural households that purchase crops. When the state treasury is extremely abundant, consumer stations should also include adequate books, cheap and safe and practical mobile electronic devices, and even various types of daily appliances (because such charity new companies can be catalysed by the Cardano Ecosystem). From local trials in the world, starting from the most underdeveloped regions. If so, Caldano will use practical actions to prove that it is not so difficult to eliminate hunger. Conversely, if you think people who are about to starve to death should work for you and people who don’t have books should work for you, then the blood and whip of the world will continue… The secret of world peace is to let people idle in the future. If Caldano does her best to help others and never accumulate too much for herself, she will always be loved and admired by the world. Just a sudden whim. :slight_smile:


How do you think this proposal is feasible?

  • Feasible.
  • Some are unreasonable.
  • Not at all feasible.

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I’m not sure history supports this extremely simplistic assumption. (If translation actually means what you wanted to say there.)

But in general charity on treasury is possible. The only thing that matters is the form and the scope. Whenever the treasury is available - you can submit a proposal to spend a part of its funds on whatever project you like, but be aware that for that you would need at least to provide verifiable means of execution for the proposed plan. You would need to describe in details how exactly you would go about putting the received funds in work, and how exactly people that have donated the funds could verify your work and how they could hold you accountable in case you do not provide the expected execution.

Anyone who’s able to convince people to approve such a project will get the funds - that’s the beauty of the whole idea.

Or even better - you could create a separate project that asks people to donate their coins to you if they want to. Or you could even run a staking pool with a bit higher fee, and anyone willing to donate - would delegate a portion of their stake to you, and you would be able to spend all profits for any charity.

But a solution in which a fixed portion of the treasury (especially something like 50%) is constantly donated to a single cause. This solution is not feasible, since it could only achieve a proper consensus as an “agriculture for poor people” coin. Not as a global economic or computational platform. I would also want to remind that main purpose of the treasury is to support the development of the platform.


Sorry, but that’s a college-kid level of logic. I’m afraid global economy is a bit more complicated than this sentence tries to portrait it.

You can create a company that will do all of this. You can even create a token on the Cardano platform and ICO your idea. And if your project proves to be feasible and useful - cool, you will probably be able to find much better funding than the Cardano treasury.

But just saying that “we” should throw money at stuff that looks nice just because there’s a pile of it “we” are collectively responsible for does not mean anything to me.

Nice idea. Now put it to work :slight_smile:

This is not an actual argument at all. The fact that we’re all feel bad for poor people does not make global politics simpler. As I said above: if you feel this issue is easily solvable - do it. Start small and work your way up. No one starts by saving the world. Show people that you can handle a small project that somehow leaves everyone better off - and people will trust your with a bit bigger project.

Create a business-proposal that shows exact level of required funding and what exact problems will this funding solve: how many people will be “saved” from starvation and how sustainable this solution. Will your project save those people permanently or will they require regular recurrent additional funding to stay saved? Will the effect propagate - meaning that will your project make saved people save additional people, or is every saved person requires your direct participation? How much exact cost would the whole project be? Again, I’m sorry, but saying that “the cryptocurrency Treasury is very plentiful” just shows that you aren’t familiar with the scope of economics, and you are massively overestimate the value of the treasury.

The strategy “we have money - let’s give it to poor folks” is also, unfortunately, not supported by history as a sustainable solution.


I told you exactly why this is not feasible: because it’s not thinking - it’s dreaming. You don’t have “a proposal”, you have a tirade about how nice it would be if there would be no poor people. And there’s a big BIG distinction between a proposal that shows how some resource may be used to solve some specific problem, and a rant.


“Those people don’t have money, and we have money right here!” is not a proposal. It misses approximately… 100% of the nuance there is in the world. Look at your post and imagine it being a white-paper for a project. Would you invest money in this project? Smart people who really want to spend their funds to help people - would not, in my opinion.

You are trying to solve everything without actually proposing anything. Can you describe like 5 or 10 specific steps that ADA holders would not only need, but also would be able to do in order to start implementing your idea?

Btw, I feel like we are talking thru the google-translate here, which robs us of 80% of points each of us is trying to make. I’m not sure it will be possible for us to continue this complex discussion until any of us is able to speak another language :slight_smile:

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