Real world farming DAO seeking to borrow from DeFi on the medium term. We'd love to have your opinion in a current survey

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Name: Agrivirtus
Description: We’re a real-world farming DAO operating ecological commercial scale farms in emerging markets, starting in Mexico. We can both supply the local and international market.
Grossly, the way the DAO works is that final customers (using the latest tech), farmers and liquidity providers that finance the farms will receive governance tokens of the DAO by acting in the interests of the organization. Those tokens will be tied to the overall ownership and governance of the farms of the DAO.
Decisions related to profitability, ecological impact, food quality and more are what token holders will be able to vote on.
Website: In the process of re doing another one.
GitHub: We haven’t published the code yet. But we have governance and token alpha versions of the code.

We’d love to have your opinion on our short term financing solution for our farms.

Reason: We currently are in a ReFi accelerator and need more input to validate or invalidate the assumption that our short term financing solution is viable.
Project scope: Build a limitlessly scalable agriculture DAO in emerging markets.

Here is the link to our survey.

We would love to have your input. I know we’re not specifically in ADA, yet this is a possibility. We haven’t made the final decision yet. We would be happy to discuss that with anyone willing to share about the possibility of using DAO tools/ DeFi financing built on ADA for our project.

Kind regards and much respect for the direction the Cardano community is working toward.

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Still sorry for your loss!

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