French Canadian, aspiring DAO contributor

Hello everyone,

my name is Charles and I first got into Bitcoin in 2016.
Recently, after reading more and more about multiple projects, I decided to focus on Cardano.

What interests me the most about crypto is its capability to change the path humanity is on.
I believe Cardano is a project that is very likely to largely improve humanity. I think its most valuable asset is the community. You all seem to be led by love and passion.

Also, since I learned about DAO and different governance models, I dream (and will (try to)!) start an organization based on this type of governance model.

I am here to contribute and learn.

It’s a pleasure to be here, surrounded by like-minded people.

Have an amazing day!


Yes, I think DAO is the way to go. Something similar to Maker-dia on Cardano thought. The governance model seems to work the best. I noticed when trading crypto and markets have high volatility that a stablecoin like dia helps to stop loses and is widely transferable in the crypto world.


Hello Charlito,

I too like the DAO Governance/operating model, I intend my first project to gradually transition into a fully self-governing model.

I am still working out the details and looking to work with people who can help work out the details, If you have ideas I would love to connect…,

Best regards,