From Testnet to Mainnet

I just wondering. Usually how long it takes from Testnet to mainnet? I know each hard to predict, but any time frame base on previous experience? Are we talking around 1-2 months? or 5-6 months? or 1-2 years?

Any idea?

Q1 2020, probably towards the end (Shelley). Q2 2020 for smart contracts :crossed_fingers:( fingers crossed). 2021 for treasury & voting :ballot_box: systems to be implemented (so around two years).

PS; (to the general community) correct me if I’m wrong on this


I’d say it is really hard to predict. How many bugs and other hidden gems will pop up from real life testing - performed by hundreds of people with different backgrounds ?

You mean if you predict is correct. By the Q1 2020, the shelly (which now testnet) will become available in mainnet right?
I wonder why they don’t do the update like Fedora or Centos which. Apply the major update in one version then apply the minor update in progress. For, example major upgrade from centos 5 to centos 6 then they update or fix the minor update to become 6.1 or 6.2, etc. This way the progress can be seen.

By Q1 2020 we’ll be fully decentralized. Not my prediction, official stance.

Charles has touched on this a few times in AMAs (maybe you can find it timestamped by @adatainment on their site). The challenge Cardano is trying to overcome is the problem that has plagued other blockchains like Ethereum, in that getting it right from the start is critical. At the end of the day it is a system people need to be able to trust isn’t going to have a bug that will cause them to lose their money. I think the bug that allowed the Ethereum DAO hack is a significant reason (not the only one) why that platform hasn’t really gained mainstream adoption and is just used by those tinkering with the technology.

Unlike other software (as you referenced) applying an update can have significant consequences due to the need to do it in a way that maintains the immutability of the chain as it existed prior to the update.

I hope that makes sense. It can be difficult to get your head around the difference in how the technology is built compared to traditional software.

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[bluecryptonite] what are you doing on this forum if you do not believe in the project ?

@SeanAlimov I really hope there will be no delay, or if there are a delay, not as long as 1 year.
@phil.lewis the ethereum case is really give ETH a bad name. But, I trust that there will be no perfect system. That’s why we have revision and update. So, why we don’t create a system that already good and later fix on update.
@bluecryptonite and @manoelramon I still have hope from this project but I think we as community must help to burn their ass. If we not controlling them (Cardano Foundation) who would? In fact, we put our money on them right?

I’m very glad that most of the people who complain about Cardano on social media do not have any power!

Well, not actually direct controlling. And not direct power. I would say indirect Controlling. Like in democracy. Media cannot told president what to do. But, Media can make president loose the next election. So does crypto.

What is the Cardano equivalent of losing the next election?

Not related with election, but, like election. There are hundreds of crypto all with their advantage and disadvantage. Everybody claim their crypto is the best. We as investor always do DYOR right. We see about what is the prospect, what is the schedule, are there any application, etc.
Please don’t say Cardano don’t need new investor. As long as you need investor, you’ll need good publication. It’s as easy as Marketing 101.
I hope you understand what I mean.

Well I spent two weeks intermittently trying to set up a Cardano testnet BP node via Nix without success - one complication after another, and today I finally succeeded on my first try. It turns out I accidentally set up a mainnet BP node using Nix today - no wonder it was so easy. Based on my experience I would avoid the Nix-based testnet node like the plague and instead practice on testnet using relays/nodes built from source - that’s relatively very easy, but I wouldn’t touch a testnet Nix build with a 10-ft pole. Two weeks of intermittent issues, going back and forth with IOHK help when it could have been avoided from the start.
I’m posting under the wrong thread…my comment was meant for those who are struggling with Nix BP testnet builds.

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