Funds Recovery scam on twitter?

Hi there,

There is a profile in Twitter posting messages to people who got scammed throungt Cardano network, and people awareing about cardano scams:

Rodriguez Jammy


He says that a hacker he knows can recover your funds and that people can write to him to get their funds back. The hacker twitter account:

Karl Dylan_eth

Are we in a new kind of scam?

Smells like shit…
I didn’t DM the hacker, but I think he is going to ask for a payment before he “recover your funds”. LMFAO!
If so, is there a way that we can talk and step by step, wait for him to make mistakes and get his real IP, or any data to catch him?

I lost 5k ADA during a youtube scam that i sent to this adress the 3th of June: addr1q9hms748h04n0p9dg4dwt7ltgrv20e8zd8a0cqtqcr02fkr0hpa20wltx7z26326uha7ksxc5ljwy606lsqkpsx75nvqeth9dh

My adress was Address addr1q99m23jceug9z2flmecqgzjllfxe4zyug7xvkeynwp3hvr9se84rw7yd4nt9pwqwgp3nk59d8vf2dst7h035yuqhv5ds7qtyg0 - Cardanoscan

I am happy because, from the tax office, they recomended me to ask for a guy they know in the CiberCrime department of my country police and he is an ADA holder. He took it very seriously. And we became kind of friends.

He said that now, the only way they can stop the investigation process I started and the the police is doing, is that my coins come back to my account, and this never happends. There was a lot of money scammed, and this guys did it several times using the same “modus operandi”, my police friend said.

Looks like they got to get some data after my alert bc they could catch an ongoing scam and could contact with youtube and an ISP to locate them. He was very lucky. Looks like the criminals got to annoy very important people during the 3rt June 21 youtube scam. Now is Interpol affair. No hope to get my ada’s back but at least this makes the police research keep on going!

It sounds like a SCAM to me… why do u think someone will recover ur funds and he will send them back to you

Yes this is 100% a scam.

That’s a scam for sure. You can’t ”hack” a blockchain. If this was possible, thieves would have perfected this technique by now.

People that have lost money to nigerian scammers are sometimes approached by someone who claims they can retrieve what they lost. Needless to say, those that fall for it have to pay in advance