Genius types

I have seen quit a few high level guys on this forum in the short time I have been here.

Someone please build a new exchange and someone else back him to the hills, I wish I could do it myself…

There is a real space for this right now

How about functional analysis of the control problem and ethical alignment . ? If you desire to get rich , quick , learn how to code an exchange , sure , get a financial backer, sure , but is “a cryptocurrency exchange” really worth the efforts of a person wanting to build something that challenges them ? There are not exactly that many actual great coders out there, so , they are setting the priorities.

I was wondering the other day , the so to speak , spacetime scarcity of cardano blockchains… I am in love with Haskell and I have plans to implement on the dao , but , shouldn’t I just copy the open source nature of cardano ? No … because they are building FOR us , and as fast as can be reasonably done. It would be a huge waste of intelligence to code and stake a new exchange when you could be in design phase for say, a predictions markets agent , or an actually new and valuable proposition like agi or the ethical alignment problem. Asking “genius” coders to make an exchange is asking them to replicate an original idea, not worth their idea space, let alone their time.

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These are totally valid points and I agree but surely we should at a minimum be able to back the team by making purchases of ADA. I certainly won’t ‘get rich’ from a coin staying around $1 especially with the amount I can buy. My interest in cardano isnt get rich, my fiat life is ok for now. I just can’t understand the current state of exchanges being suspended or difficult to purchase ada. As things stand exchanges hold power over most coins and can influence the value. ADA can and I hope will remove all the need for this but an exchange built properly can profit the builder and the community in the short term, If I could I would I don’t see it as detrimental to the project in the long term. Many short term solutions can help a long term gain

I agree with your latter points for sure and I am literally supporting by buying Ada whenever I can , because it is undervalued by market participants perceptions .

Because it is so overvalued by traders though , the dev team has a huge virtuous incentive to not “let the dog out on / off it’s economic leash” … consider 2 things , there is a certain value conferred to equality of access, to distribution to a wider userbase , a certain, shall we say, democracy even, by price restraint in the short term … secondly , it is the devs’ goal to constrain to the lowest possible price , given that it is open source project with a very broad but definite scope… the extent of price mania will hurt it’s reputation as people get hurt by traders, volatility scares adopters, and ,… the procedure forward with regard to restraint on forward deployment of this tech, is stepwise limited to the perfection checking of their new math…

So , yes , I can sympathize with all buyers because I think there is going to be huge waves to ride once cardano becomes more functional . But there is every reason to move as slowly as possible to perfect the project and avoid damage. (Not to imply that the devs are slacking at all) If you don’t have an account on an exchange, get started on it if possible ! If your credence is high enough , see if you can buy Ada through a friend or colleague. But really , you can also realize exponential value by studying for what is to come, if you have the time.

Nice to read an educated opinion and I accept the slow and steady way. Perhaps I am showing impatience with exchanges but it is only in frustration through not being able to back my opinion on the future of ADA. Im honestly not interested in daily or weekly trades but am frustrated at not even having the option to purchase and believe this should be addressed. thanks for your replies they have made me think about things which is more than most forum posts do

You’re welcome, and , I hear ya about belief in the project , it is truly artful and valuable. Maybe you know someone you trust , somewhat ? Who has an account and could buy Ada for you? Maybe you could point out to them how exciting Ada is , and they will help!

unfortunately I’m already a victim of binance :joy:

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