gLiveView: Was Synching and then error Standard_in 1: Syntax error

Hey Alex,

No luck. I’m going to start over from scratch. Maybe one of these times I will get it right. :slight_smile:

But… try now, before to start again, to compile the 1.26.2 version

The node is ok?

sudo systemctl status cnode
Type top… how is the cpu? Then check in db folder id the files are increasing in size

The node that I want to be the producer is looking okay, but the node that will be the relay is not looking good.

I don’t see any size increase in the db.

BP - Status

BP - htop


The CPU is 100%

I keep seeing Syntax Errors in gLiveView. Just below Uptime: and above Epoch.


Going to take a break and get some food for the kiddos and then I’m going to start over and try again.

This will be the 30th attempt… I think… lol

Hmm but the Producer is working in glive?

gLiveView is loading but nothing is moving.

My experience with 1.27.0 is much different than with 1.26.2. Everything worked great with 1.26.2

With 1.27.0 the synch process started off great but then stopped around epoch 200 and started throwing syntax errors.

Because the configuration files were changed in preparation for alonzo hardfork

Hmm the producer… try to add the iohk nodes in the topology file and restart the producer
Perhaps the producer don’t start because ur relay is down

Then check the status and check htop

and also copy the files folder from producer
to the relay

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I will give that a try before I wipe it out. going to grab some food.

Another rebuild will be good practice. I know I learned a bunch on this round.


Do I have to build both the PROD and the RELAY together?
Can I get the relay up and running and then work on the Producer?

on Producer just add the IOHK nodes in topology file and restart the node do u see same syntax error as the relay?

let’s try something for relay

go to cd $CNODE_HOME
ls -l
Delete files folder

sudo rm -R files

Then cd ~/tmp
./ -f

Then restart the relay

Sounds good. I will give that a try. work in progress…

This is how the files look. I have not made any changes yet.



Working on the RELAY…


@Alex1985 Just sharing…

I rebuilt the node from scratch and check it out.

I’m working on the RELAY node first. If that synchs, then I will try the BP node.

The node will synchronize until about epoch 200 and then crash. I will update this as I make progress.



I did not change anything…

The node was synchronizing

Then stopped at about epoch 200.

Now I’m getting this error:

About every 3 min the NODE times out and resets



I’m going to downgrade to 1.26.2 and see if I can get it running.
If so, then I will try the upgrade to 1.27.0.

@MCMaricopaAZ Could you resolve it? I have the exact same issue after building 1.27.0 from scratch on Ubuntu 20.

1.27.0 consuming a lot of resources, MEM ~7,2G so, I will recommend to try to upgrade the nodes

Yes, I was able to solve it and I’m finally getting the nodes to synch past epoch 207.

Check out this link: