gLiveView: Was Synching and then error Standard_in 1: Syntax error

Both my producer and my Relay were synching and then around epoch 200 gLiveView stopped. I’m getting the same error on both BP and RELAY.

This is a FRESH NEW build of 1.27.0. I have NOT been able to get 1.27.0 working.

Both Screenshots are of BP:
Occasionally, the screen updates and I see this message:

Most of the time the gLiveView looks like this

journalctl -e -f -u cnode.service
May 22 17:18:22 localhost cnode[219923]: Listening on
May 22 17:21:48 localhost cnode[219923]: cardano-node: symbol lookup error: cardano-node: undefined symbol: crypto_vrf_publickeybytes
May 22 17:21:54 localhost cnode[222798]: WARN: A prior running Cardano node was not cleanly shutdown, socket file still exists. Cleaning up.
May 22 17:21:55 localhost cnode[222885]: Listening on

Cardano Version

Looks like you didn’t do a clean shutdown when upgrading to 1.27? You may have another instance running in the background. try killall -s cardano-node or do a full system reboot.

This was / is a fresh install. A brand new clean server with nothing on it.




Okay - looks like it is terminating itself. Look at the start up logs. I’m not entirely sure but this could be causing it:
May 22 17:21:48 localhost cnode[219923]: cardano-node: symbol lookup error: cardano-node: undefined symbol: crypto_vrf_publickeybytes

What guide are you following ? CNTools?

I’m using Alex’s guide that he posted in this forum. :smiley: :smiley:

Best Guide Ever

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Type : top command and see what your cnode is called and replace killall -s cardano-node with your node Process name.

Also try running the following command : journalctl --unit=cardano-node --follow

This may help to provide additional details. there is clearly a symbol look up error from your screenshot. I’ll defer to @Alexd1985 as he can probably quickly identify the problem.

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I think there is an issue with the files
let me upload mines and I will give u the link

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Alex, sounds good. Thanks.

journalctl --unit=cnode.service --follow

what is your hw specs? no. of cpus and ram

Both BP and RELAY have the same HW specs.

HW Specs

I added a 10GB Swap file

System Info


this should be plenty.
try htop command and see if cardano-node is running and using ±100% of a processor. that would indicate it is trying to sync/start.
Did you start syncing ftom an empty db?

update: there is something wrong with your vrf files. Do you run with correct command line parameters? Relay should not call any vrf file.


try to download these files in files folder and restart the node

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Yes, started from an empty db. Both CPUs are 100% They both started off and 200% and are now down to 100%.



Hey Alex. Got it . will do. follow up shortly…

That actually looks healthy. Give it couple hours to finish its thing.

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Not sure about VRF Files. First I’ve heard of those files. Still very new to this setup.

Okay, replaced those files but I get an error.

My File on LEFT… Your File on RIGHT

try to restart the server

“MaxConcurrencyDeadline”: 2 for producee

“MaxConcurrencyDeadline”: 4 for relays