Good Partnerships

It is encouraging for the space that some altcoins are entering into great partnerships with companies like Pepsi.Having a working product that is delivering with big business ,that is the key for investors.

So, what’s the idea of your post?

What are you trying to say? If you are complaining about Cardano then I suggest you start educating yourself. There is a wealth of information here and on Charles AMA’s.

U suggest l am complaining, Cardano Kid not me,Brad ZZZZZ

Let me think hmm a great partner for cardano, will be delighted with mcdonalds as first big blue chip where i can buy a bigmac with ada yummy.then after facebook joins in instead of making own blockchain that cost big money and time they eazy can use cardano chain thats ready and in place after shelly is up and i dreaming wake me up guys!!!

Please explain what you are trying to get across as you are not being very clear. If English is not your first language then there are a lot of people here who can help you.

Ha Salem that dream is way out there.

Oh,please explain, but l Engleesh no good.

LOL. Forget it. Some ‘believers’ here only take you seriously if you say positive things about Cardano and CH. They are married to Cardano and put epic meaning above openness to critical thinking.

Most replies from those people go like:
“Do more research and you will get it”
“Leave this forum now!”
“You most be a foreigner”

Keep up the criticism, it is healthy to keep an open mind about what is going right and what needs to be improved. Cardano is lagging behind other alt coins and is losing value rapidly (- 35% versus BTC since last month). Charles may not care or IOHK may not care, but ADA holders should.

Can it improve this year? Maybe. Will ADA die this year? Unlikely. But if you don’t deliver something epic in the coming months, it doesn’t look rosey going forward.

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Arrrr! A breath of fresh air Scarcity

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Imagine the wait time for a big mac