Got 11 phrases for recovery, how can I get the 12th?

I already posted this question a couple of years ago (Link). I forgot to write the 12th word of my recovery phrase for my legacy Daedalus wallet. This was the code that was given to me to solve the problem:

$ npm install bip39
$ node this_js_file.js
var bip39 = require('bip39')

var wordlist = bip39.wordlists.EN

// Replace these words /w your saved eleven. 
var firstEleven = 'abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon'

wordlist.forEach(function(mnemonic) {
    var tryThis = firstEleven + ' ' + mnemonic

    if (bip39.validateMnemonic(tryThis)){
        console.log('Found: ' + mnemonic)

The code did generate 128 possible 12th words, but the problem is that none of them worked. I went through all of the generated words 4 times already, but each of them just restores an empty wallet. Am I doing something wrong? Should I wait for every wallet to first sync all the transactions before the balance shows up? Smth else?

Any help would be appreciated on this topic!

Yes I think you must wait for the wallet to be sync 100% in order to see the transactions…

Ok, will try (sigh), this will take a long time … Thanks

It seems like you’re restoring them against full wallets, you might want to use light wallets (Yoroi or instead, might save you some time :slight_smile:
Also , Is there a possibility that you have 11 words but instead of missing 12th, you’re missing 1st (or any of the other words) for example?

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I was sure it was the last phrase. They do restore 128 wallets, but all are empty. No I’m not so sure anymore. It’s possible that i missed one of the other words.

you can try to recover faster (without need to wait for sync) on

Yeah, tried it, went through all the words for the 6th time now. It’s possible that:

  • the wallet doesn’t restore correctly
  • I wrote the wrong sequence as rdlrt suggested

Whichever it is, I guess so long 20k ADA…

I finally recovered it!!! Thanks so much man, I was effin certain that it was the 12th word that was missing. Turns out it wasn’t. Can’t thank you enough man :smiley: Best of luck to you, whatever you do!


Awesome, that’s great to hear