Greetings from sunny South Africa (Sometimes warm, sometimes sunny, always South Africa)

Hi there, I’m a Solutions Architect mostly focused on the infrastructure and cloud space, with years of infrastructure administration in the virtualization space.

The crypto world peaked my interest around about 2016, I remember paying 2 BTC for internet services as it was cheaper than the international transaction fees… oh how I wish I could have a refund :smirk:

Been a fan of Cardano since the first CH whiteboard video, and hodling since. Currently I’m working on building a staking pool hosted in South Africa with rather ambitious plans of expansion into the rest of the continent. Empowering a network of pool operators in Africa, sharing technical knowledge and combining our resources to boot strap the pools, with things like initial pledge funds.

Pledge funding would be an awesome use case for a smart contract, and as ADA increases in value funding becomes challenging almost insurmountable with the limited buying power of African currencies.

The transparency and security of ADA is precisely the game changing technology Africa needs to transform and rise.

Happy to be part of the evolution!


Hello @Jevon and welcome. The history of the payment of the two BTCs is interesting, today that would be one of the highest bills paid to an ISP :upside_down_face: .I wish you success in your project in Africa. I’m glad to see your interest in Stake Pools, here in the forum there is a whole category dedicated to that topic.

You can find it here: Staking & Selegation


Hi napoles, Thank you for the welcome. As the saying goes hindsight is 20-20. I will definitely be participating in the Staking sub-forum. I must say that after spinning up a relay node the process is fairly well refined already.

All the best,

Glad to see progress on your project.

Fellow South African here! Ex Johannesburg, recently in Arlington, Virginia for work. Also considering becoming a SPO, but pledge and marketing (for appropriate stake) barriers are tough for new starts. Happy to collaborate!

Hello Asogan, Indeed funding the initial pledge to be substantial enough and marketing the pool are far greater challenges than the technical aspects. Happy to collaborate with you.

At this stage I’m looking at hosting options with local providers outside of AWS & Azure. I have a fair amount of initial pledge. Thinking something along the lines of MOLO for the ticker name.

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Good day Jevon

Great to see a Saffer passionate for what we can, and must, do for Africa.

We have been working for a while on an integrated solution bringing together infrastructure development and wealth creation - using the best of blockchain to find ways to deliver improved living conditions. We have started the process, (, developed a White Paper and are applying to Catalyst for Phase 0 funding of the project.

It is highly ambitious and needs the support of like-minded people to make the concept reality.

Hope to connect soon.