Half a Billion Dollar’s Worth of Ada is now Delegated to Mission-driven Stake Pools on Cardano

DECENTRALIZATION and helping out charities! Excellent, I’m all in!


Hi, currently my pool [IPIB] is donating every month to Save the Children and being able to do it on chain would be great. Unfortunately my contribute is not as big as I wish, but I’m sure it will grow over time. Please keep me informed about the possibility to donate directly in ADA to Save the Children.

I’m very proud to be part the Mission Driven Pool collective!


Respect, congrats and thnx to all the mission-driven pools! Cardano makes the world better, not only for us as delegators, but the whole system.

For me as a delegator, being mission driven is the biggest reason to choice for a pool, in my case stakepool WEQNT, providing solar bulbs in remoting african areas…


This is Awesome news!

Congrats Cardano Teams!


I am so proud of Cardano community, We have one of the largest charitable mission driven stake pool in the world. Just imagine how many impact we will achieve through this effort.


New to the community, this is unreal!!! :sparkling_heart::heart:


Hey guys! I have a translation for this article that I’d like to share, do you know how I can add it to the neat list of available translations featured under the original article?

Thanks very much in advance :slight_smile:


Hey Biotech2020,

That function requires editorial rights, which unfortunately we can only give to official translators for security purposes, I hope you understand! You are however welcome to post your translation and then link back to this original. You can share a link to your translation in these comments too.

Thank you!


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We’re very eager to be able to make donations in ADA to Save the Children, will make bookeeping sooo much easier. I’ll let you know when it happens.

We can also combine our donations to Save the Children to activate their workaround which they said they’d be willing to do direct ADA donations after $2500/mo.

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The blockchain brings so much awesomeness. I believe that stakers will naturally request that all financial transactions be run through the Cardano ecosystem, in order to create a complete money trail through the transactional metadata. Full immutable transparency will create the greatest potential for ADA, the Pools and The Missions.

“The ability to see through transactional metadata on the Cardano blockchain, work is also underway to empower an immutable audit trail of on-chain ada donations—allowing delegators to independently validate that stake pool rewards are indeed being used for charitable purposes. This could have profound effects on how charities prove the impact of their donations in the future, powered by metadata on Cardano.”

For anybody interested, please consider my translation of this great article into Modern Standard Arabic! The translated article can be found here.

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this is wonderful. I have a question: can one see the charities that are receiving donations and is there a way to propose to partake?

I would like to invite all small and big delegators to our pool ticker [ROG] for delegation. We are mission-driven pool based in Poland with a pledge of 50k=>200k in one year. We will donate 10% of our profit at first stage and 25% at second stage to Children Cancer Fundations. All the dontaion will be available to see on our twitter account @RStakepool or tellegram chat group ROG_Pool
We sincerely thank you all of you .

That’s really great news, very proud to read this.

Do we also know, how much money / ada have already been donated to good causes by mission-driven stake pools?

Keep building! :pray:t4::soon::top:

This is good news for all of us. We wish to get the part of this delegation for our pool.:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Great to see support of mission driven stake pools :blush:

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I don’t know if you already know but you can make donations to Save the Children with ADA now! The donations go directly to one of their hubs in Rwanda. Here’s the link for making the donations.


This new option was featured in the Africa Special earlier this year when COTI created the payment gateway.

I’m donating directly on chain since it first became available. More that 1100ADA so far…

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Awesome keep it up!! I’m up around 7000 ADA donated through that portal! Amazing what we can do when we do it together. That Kumsa Rwanda hub must be shining!