Happy birthday BTC whitepaper!

Happy Birthday bitcoin white paper!

On this special day I hate to have to inform you that eventually the world will come to see the benefits of PoS and true decentralization where the average holder without specialized hardware can participate in network consensus, maintenance, and governance, and ADA will be the digital store of value of choice, not to mention so much more.

On this very special day, I hate to be the one to inform you that I am leaving you forever BTC. I have found someone better, someone who fulfills the vision of your creator in a fuller sense, someone who cares for me and rewards me for my loving them and spending time with them. Her name is Cardano and she is beautiful.


The idea of a proof of stake currency was floated even at the outset of bitcoin on their forums - there’s references to it in the original Ouroboros paper. IMHO, by any measure, Bitcoin is a raving success, followed by Ethereum. Third time, as they say, is a charm. Like you, I believe once Cardano truly takes off, it’s going to stick around for a very very long time, much longer than either BTC or ETH. It takes a couple of tries to get this stuff right…and it’s hard. Cardano nailed it, we just can’t let anything distract the movement.



Peer to peer electronic cash system

Store of value? Digital gold? Why do you think ada will have value? Currently only speculative value

You know peercoin and sunny right?

The value is in the utility. Being able to send a digitally scarce asset to the other side of the world, almost instantly and almost for free has a lot of value.
Not to mention the value smart contracts will add.

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Yes, I know of peercoin and Sunny.

So bitcoin will only have value if there’s a utility;cash

It doesn’t have value (like gold) because it’s just software

That’s my unprofessional opinion.
Bitcoin still has utility and will probably always have value though, I just think Cardano will do a lot better.
Cardano has the benefit of hindsight.

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Speculative value X/BtC